A road trip to a dot on the map of NSW called Rockley, population 174: a stay at the pub run by ex-lawyer, mad Rabbitoh’s fan Mark, and tutorship with retired printer and concert performing tenor Will Amer and my letterpress journey had begun. Perfectly arranged miniature lead letters, inky hands and the sound of an antique printing press as the type meets the paper to leave its impression and I was captivated.

Trained in the old school traditional ways of printing, setting individual letters of lead to make up the design and printing so the type leaves just a kiss impression on the paper. Today we break these rules and print our designs on thick cotton paper leaving a beautiful deep, tactile impression. It is slow printing at its best and each piece of paper is hand-fed into our antique printing presses. We love the hands-on nature of the craft and love using this to tell your wedding story in print.

Our printing presses have a personality of their own and have become part of our Paper Alphabet family. As such we have named them, each with a name to honour a significant part of our letterpress journey.

Little William or Will for short, named to honour William my very first letterpress tutor. Will is a 7 x 11 Chandler & Price foot treadled platen press. Big Dave is Will’s big brother being a 10 x 15 Chandler & Price, named after a fellow printer who has both inspired me and given me the confidence to come out from the shadows.

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